PXN-K10 Gamebox Tutorial

PNX K10 adapter

Connect with Gamebox

1.Insert keyboard and mouse to USB Port. Press POWER button, the indicator light blink 

2.Turn on Bluetooth in mobile phone, search for“PXN-K10” and connect it.

3.When the indicator light keeps solid, it is successfully connected.


Download Octopus APP

1 Scan QR Code or Copy URL (http://www.phoenixos.com/en_US/octopus/intro?ref=pxn) to mobile browser or download from google play.

Octopus downlaod url

Scan QR Code

2. Add Game

Add a game from Featured tab or your local applications. 

Qctopus add game


Launch a game you added from Octopus.

Qctopus launch


Tap the floating ball of Octopus to Scelect PXN-Direct-Play and make customization like editing keys,opacity,sensitivity,etc.

Qctopus customize


Activate Octopus by gamebox activator, you will get the following abilities:

l Play games requiring Facebook and Google Play accounts.

l Enables advanced shooting mode for mouse in FPS games.