How to Connect PXN V10 Steering Wheel to PC, and Use “PXN Wheel” APP

How to Connect PXN V10 Steering Wheel to PC and Use “PXN Wheel” APP

How to Connect PXN V10 Steering Wheel to PC?

Step 1, Take out the supplied power supply cable, then plug it into the interface on the back of PXN V10 steering wheel base.

Step 2, Connect the shifter and pedal to the back of the steering wheel base in turn.

Step 3, Plug the USB cable of PXN V10 steering wheel to the PC, then the steering wheel will calibrate itself. After the calibration, the red indicator on the wheel will be always on.

Step 4, Enter to "Settings" page and search "Game Controllers" on the PC.

Step 5, Click "PXN-V10 Wheel" → "Properties", then test the functions of PXN V10 steering wheel on "Properties" page.

Step 6, If the steering wheel function is normal, you can experience the game.

How to Use PXN Wheel APP?

Step 1, After connecting PXN V10 steering wheel to the game consoles(PC/XBOX/PS4) succesfully, open PXN Wheel App and click "Search", then the steering wheel itself will connect with the mobile phone automatically.

Step 2, After entering the APP, the homepage will display the currently connected device and some parameter information of force feedback in real time.

Step 3, D-input mode is defaulted after the base is connected to the PC. Click "D-input" enables to switch the mode in real time.

Step 4, In D-input mode, each parameter of the force feedback on the base can be adjusted in real time.

Step 5, The buttons on the steering wheel can be set as the function of the buttons on the keyboard in the APP, or mapped to other button functions on the steering wheel.

Step 6, Click the upper right corner of the APP to enter "Testing" page, you can test the function of the currently connected device in real time.

Step 7, On "Game" page, you can apply the parameters of the officially recommended game with one click, or save your own configuration parameters.

Step 8, On "Setting" page, you can view the list of some games supported by the steering wheel and some current information of the APP.

Step 9, When there is any abnormal situation on the steering wheel, please click "Reset" at the bottom of the homepage to reset the wheel.