K5 Pro firmware

This firmware solves the problem that the left and right channels of headphones are opposite on the host side

PXN Flight Joystick Driver/Mapping Software V3.0

Only supports the PXN F16, 2113Pro and 2119Pro.

PXN Konlin II U302 Installer

PXN Play

Release version: 2.4.1

PXN Racing

PXN V12lite Firmware Update V0.42

PXN V12lite Firmware Update V0.43

PXN-0082 Firmware Update V1.11

PXN-9607X Firmware Update -V1.62

PXN-9607Xhall Firmware Update -V2.08

PXN-A7 firmware upgrade

PXN-P50 Firmware Update -V1.0_230612

PXN-P50hall Firmware Update -V1.0_230621


PXN-V10 Firmware Update V0.44

PXN-V10 Firmware Update V0.46

PXN-V10 Firmware Update V0.47


PXN-V12 BASE Firmware Update V0.26

PXN-V12firmware V0.25

PXN-V9 firmware V2.35

PXN-V9 firmware V2.36

PXN-V9 firmware V2.38

PXN-V900-firmware V1.22


PXN-V99 Firmware Update V0.55

PXN-V99 Firmware Update V0.56

PXN-X8 Firmware Update V1.09

PXN-X8 Firmware Update V1.12( SOCD Cleaning)

V12 Bluetooth Chip Installing Steps and Tools

“device_defines.xml” - Force Feedback Replacement File

"device_defines.xml" is the force feedback definition file, applicable only to the following PXN steering wheel models and games:
Applicable Models: V10, V12, V12Lite
Applicable Games: WRC, DiRT Rally 2.0, DiRT 4, GRID