Firmware upgrade of P50 controller and Bluetooth connection iOS settings (iOS 16 and above)

Step 1: Upgrade the firmware of the P50 controller on the PC

Open the firmware downloaded from the computer:
1. Connect the controller to the PC via Type-C cable, LED 2 are always on to indicate the connection is complete.
2. Press the three buttons (X+Y+HOME), and all LED indicators will be off.
3. After that, click the "Update Firmware" button on the PC, the program of the upgrade package will run the progress bar twice to complete the upgrade.
4. Unplug the USB connection cable after the upgrade is completed and reconnect the PC, LED 2 is always on to indicate the connection is complete.
5. Click the settings on the computer(Win+I) - search 'controller' - USB Game Controller - Controller - Properties to test the controller's buttons.

Step 2: P50 controller connection to iOS via Bluetooth, iOS 16+ Version Only