FAQ - PXN Flight Joystick (F16, 2113Pro, 2119Pro)

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Q1: Flight joystick not detected in Xbox games
When setting up the flight joystick on Xbox, you need to plug in a mouse into the Xbox console. After plugging in the mouse, you can proceed to click and select button functions for pairing or directly click on game functions. Then, operate the joystick to assign corresponding functions.


Q2:Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Setup Tutorial

A: Step 1: Enter the game and click on the "Options" above the game window, then click on "Control Options."

Step 2: In the "Control Options" page, you will find that the game recognizes the PXN 2119PRO joystick in addition to the default keyboard and mouse control methods. Click on "2119PRO" to configure the functions of each button and axis.

Step 3: Upon entering the game, the joystick defaults to having no key assignments. Please switch from "Assigned" to "All" under the left "Filter" to see all the functions that can be set within the game.

Step 4: Click on the desired function in the game; for example, "Yaw Axis." Click "Start Scanning" and then move the joystick left and right. This will bind the L-axis X of the joystick to the Yaw Axis. Finally, click "Apply" to save the settings. (You can use this method to set up other in-game functions as well.)