FAQ - PXN 9607X Gaming Controller

If you have any further questions or if the issue persists after trying the provided methods, feel free to contact us at support@e-pxn.com

Tutorial for Testing Game Controller: click

PXN 9607X Game Controller_User Manual: click


Q1: Reset the controller

When the controller has any functional disorder, halt or other abnormality, press and hold the power button for 8 seconds to restore the factory settings.

Q2: Calibration for Motion Sensing and 3D Joystick:

  1. Press and hold L3 (left joystick click) + R (right shoulder button) in sleep mode.

  2. The indicator lights will alternately flash quickly, indicating calibration mode.

  3. Place the controller on a flat surface and press the + button.

  4. Release the + button after 3 seconds to complete the calibration.