PXN V12 & V12lite wheel re-communication to the base


Subtitle translation:

V12 and V12 Lite
After purchasing,
Some users may encounter the following situation:
The steering wheel is already connected to the computer or game console,
But the faceplate light is flashing,
The steering wheel has resistance,
And the faceplate buttons are not responsive.
In this case, we need to reestablish communication.
The faceplate and the base have separate Bluetooth connections
That need to be re-paired.
First, remove the faceplate.
There is a Type-C interface here.
Use a Type-C cable to power the faceplate.
Even after powering it on, it continues to flash.
Now, press both the "View" and "L3" buttons
When the faceplate light is rapidly flashing,
Insert and remove the power or USB cable.
At this point, the faceplate light remains steady.
Now, detach the Type-C cable.
After reinstallation, the light remains steady,
Successfully pairing the base and faceplate.