Instruction of PXN-V9 Shifter


Gear 6: Push the shifter to 6 position directly, it is gear 6.


Gear 7: Switch the Low/High gear button on shifter to high gear, then push the shifter to gear 1, it is gear 7.


High and Low Gear Switch: Low gear(1-6 gear), high gear(7-12 gear).


Reverse Gear Operation: Return the shifter to central, press down shifter, and push the shifter to gear 6 position, it is gear R.


Note: The gear determines the speed of the vehicle. If it is in gear 1, it can only be 8 kilometers. Even if the accelerator is stepped on, the speed is still slow. After reaching the maximum speed, push to gear 2, then gear 3 and so on.


When there are traffic lights or the car stops, you can only start by gear 1, and then increase the speed to gear 2, you can't skip gear. If go directly to gear 6, the vehicle will turn off or stop sharply to zero.